The Diseno Promise

We understand that buying jewellery is a special experience, and we are committed to ensuring that you receive not only the best jewellery, but also the best customer service. Here is what makes buying from Diseno such a rewarding experience:



Our management team has over 10 years of experience in the Gems and Jewelery industry, and have specialised in loose diamonds for three generations, which means that we pay attention to each and every diamond and gemstone that goes into the jewellery.



At Diseno, we only sell certified or hallmarked jewellery and gold coins. Renowned government labs such as GII, IGI and EGL certify all of our jewellery and all our gold coins come with BIS hallmarking to authenticate the purity.



Unlike traditional jewellery stores, we don’t pay rent or property taxes. We transfer these savings onto you, the customer. We manufacture our pieces only once you order them, so we are able to keep costs low without sacrificing on quality.



All of our orders are filled under strict security surveillance to ensure that the product reaches you. Our highly secure packaging system also guarantees the safety of your jewellery while it is in transit. Your package is completely insured until it arrives safely in your home.



For ease of convenience for our customers, we offer the following payment options:

  • Cash-on-Delivery
  • Credit Cards: AMEX, Visa, MasterCard
  • Debit Cards: MasterCard, Visa, Maestro
  • Net Banking
  • Cheque/ DD
  • Paytm valet



If you are not totally satisfied with your jewellery, you can return or exchange at 100% value within 30 days of receiving it.If you want to exchange or upgrade you jewellery, we will happily do so for you. Please review our Return Policy and Lifetime Exchange Policy here.



Do you see a piece of jewellery online that you like, but you are not fully convinced will suit you? Don’t worry – we understand the feeling! Just call one of our jewellery experts at +91 9769383476. You can send a selfie and a link to the jewellery you are considering, and based on characteristics such as your face shape and features, we can help you find something that will look great! We also have a host of resources such as jewellery guides, which you can see here.



We offer the highest quality customer service to assist you at every step of the way. You can either call us at +91 9769383476, email us your queries or do a live chat.



We at Diseno have a zero-tolerance policy for conflict diamonds. We only purchase diamonds from the largest and most respected suppliers who adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process and other United Nations resolutions pertaining to the diamond trade. We are whole-heatedly committed to upholding the Kimberly Process –an initiative between governments, industry and civil society to curb the flow of conflict diamonds – rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments. We are also deeply committed to ensuring that diamonds aremined in a way that prevents violations of human rights. Our company guidelines ensure that:

  • We do not purchase diamonds from sources which are not legitimate, professional members of the global diamond trade industry
  • Our contracts with our suppliers ensure that all diamonds sold to us must be certified as conflict-free
  • If any of our suppliers were ever found to be violating the Kimberly Process, we would immediately and permanently discontinue our business partnership


100% Conflict Free – The Diseno Diamond Guarantee

By definition, a conflict free diamond is one which was not obtained due to human rights abuses, child labor, violence or environmental degradation. Although the U.N.'s Kimberly Process only covers diamonds under the control of legitimate and recognized governments, conflict-free goes one step further by rejecting diamonds from governments that trade in diamonds to bankroll their conflicts.


Understanding Blood Diamonds

Diamonds are mined throughout the world, including major mines in Australia, Africa, Russia, Canada and several African Nations. For many African countries, the diamond trade provides a livelihood and healthcare to thousands of workers and their families. However, in the 1990s, most of the diamonds were being supplies by regions in Africa that were facing civil unrest, and rebel armies in parts of Africa were exploiting diamond fields to fund their wars against established governments. The people working in the diamond fields in these regions were often very young and subject to exploitation. Some even lost their lives or were permanently disabled as wars raged around them. Hence, the term blood diamonds to describe these types of gems.


The Diseno Promise

We understand that, like us, our customers care deeply about understanding where their diamonds have originated from. That is why we at Diseno adhere to the highest standards - including sourcing diamonds from reputable providers. We, along with the global diamond industry, have a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds.

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