Selecting a pair of diamond earrings is largely a matter of personal style, but when your earrings flatter your face shape, you highlight you natural beauty and draw attention to your best features. And of course, if your earrings flatter your face shape, then you will want to wear them all the time instead of keeping them in your jewelry box. That is why we have created this special guide to help you find earrings to flatter your face shape and complement your best features.

Not sure what your face shape is? Here is a trick, take a selfie with your hair pulled back. Then, compare it to the face shapes described below:

  • Oval

    Your forehead is as wide as your cheekbones. The face narrows from the cheeks to the chin, creating the oval shape.

  • Round

    Also called circular faces, round faces are widest at the cheekbones.

  • Heart Shaped

    Heart-shaped faces feature a forehead that is wider than the cheeks. The cheeks further taper down to the chin.

  • Square

    The forehead, cheeks, and jaws are all about the same width on a square-shaped face. Women with square-shaped faces tend to have very strong jaw lines.

  • Diamond Shaped

    On the diamond-shaped face, the forehead and chin are narrower than the cheekbones. Women with diamond-shaped faces tend to have very strong cheekbones.

The Best Earrings for Oval Faces

If you have an oval-shaped face, you will look good in almost every style of earrings, but you will look best in oval-shaped dangling earrings, as they will draw attention to your face's elegant shape without adding any width or length. Women with oval faces also look stunning in teardrop earrings, because they create a sense of symmetry in the face.


The Best Earrings for Round Faces

If you have a round face, then earrings are the perfect accessory for you, as they will make your face look longer and slimmer. Select teardrop and dangle earrings, and make sure to look for styles with long, angular designs. Avoid earrings with rounded designs, as they will only make your face look wider.


The Best Earrings for Heart-Shaped Faces

If you have a heart-shaped face, you should go for earrings with elongated lines and curves, as they will draw attention to the eyes, cheekbones, and jaw line. You will look particularly good in dangle, teardrop, and chandelier earrings. By wearing chandelier earrings in diamond shapes, you will add a flattering contrast to your face shape.


The Best Earrings for Square-Shaped Faces

If you have a square face, you should choose earrings with rounded designs that soften the cheekbones and jaw line. Your best bet would be to go for elongated, dangling pieces and hoop earrings. In fact, you can even chose large hoops, and they will make your face look smaller. Women with square faces should avoid wearing very wide earrings.


The Best Earrings for Diamond-Shaped Faces

Women with a diamond-shaped face shouldwear earrings with long, elegant curves. Avoid wearing dangling earrings in a diamond shape. You should go for dangling and hoop style earrings, as they willflatter your features.



Hands and fingers are as individual as faces, and just as important when it comes to creating your unique style. Have you ever tried on a friend’s ring only to discover that what looks fabulous on her doesn’t look as good on you as it does on her? That is because ring settings and stone shapes can make your fingers look longer or shorter. Take a close look at your fingers and read our suggestions on styles of rings that would be most flattering for you.


Long fingers: Round rings are often the most flattering for women with longer fingers.Choose bands with a bigger width, because this will take the eye across the finger. Larger stones will also suit your hand.


Short fingers: If you have short fingers, try a ring in a marquise shape, as it can help add the illusion of length to short fingers. Pear or teardrop shapes are also flattering on short fingers.


Skinny fingers: If you have thin fingers, you should chose a ring with a thicker band, as this will help your fingers look wider. Wearing rings with small stones may also help your fingers look wider. You should probably steer away from heart-shaped or round stones.


Fat fingers: Wider types of marquise styles may flatter short, wide fingers. The idea with wide fingers is not to have two much skin showing on each side of the ring or fingers may look even wider. Round stones in larger settings may look best on this finger type. Cluster-styles may be the most flattering ring on hands with wide fingers.


Large hands: If you have larger hands, you should go for larger rings – both in terms of thick bands and bigger stones. Rings with small stones may just look lost on large hands. You may even be able to wear really bulky or chunky ring styles well.


Small hands: If your hands are on the smaller side, you should go for small heart-shaped, oval, round or square stones. Dainty, light styles will look best on you. Try a small oval solitaire. If your fingers are long, then experiment with a solitaire in the marquise style.



One important factor to consider when buying jewellery is skin tone, as certain metals just tend to look more flattering on skin with a particular undertone. Matching metal colors to your skin tone will ensure that the metal does not clash with your skin tone. In this section, we explain the guidelines associated with skin tones and jewelry so that you can discover jewellery that will enhance your natural beauty.


Determining your skin tone:

To figure out your skin tone, find a sunny spot and look at your wrists (or any other place where you can easily see your veins). If you veins appear green, then you have a warm skin tone. If you veins appear blue, then you have a cool skin tone. If your veins appear blue in some areas and green in others, you have a neutral skin tone.


Warm Skin Tone: If you have warm skin tones, you will look best in natural gold or rose gold. Platinum or white gold will probably not suit you.


Cool Skin Tone: If you have determined that you have a cool skin tone, you will look best in silver, white gold and platinum jewellery.


Neutral Skin Tone:If you have a neutral skin tone, you are in luck because you will look in gold, silver, rose gold, white gold and platinum jewellery. You would also be able to wear two-toned jewellery.