About Us

About Diseno

Diseno is an online jewellery store that offers thousands of pieces of finely crafted real diamond jewellery with a vision to offer bespoke jewellery to one and all. Here, you will find beautiful, high quality jewellery at very affordable rates. Deriving its name from the Spanish word for design, Diseno Jewels is synonymous with meticulously crafted pieces that blend classic charm with elegant modern touches, creating timeless masterpieces tocherish for generations.

At Diseno Jewels, all our products are made to order. This means that each piece is made especially for you, keeping in mind your requirements. Moreover, all of the jewellery we offer comes with a certification and hallmarking from reputed certification labs.

We understand that many people might be hesitant to purchase real diamond jewellery from a website, but with our firm focus on affordability, quality and user experience, we aim to revolutionize the way you shop for jewellery online. With features such as our shopping inspiration, live customer service and 30-day refund policy, we have created a friendly and hassle-free online shopping experience that you are sure to enjoy.


Our Management Team

Meet Russel and Devanshi Mehta, the husband and wife team that have co-founded Diseno. Their family has been in the diamond business for the past three generations. As a result, they have gained a deep understanding about how the diamond industry has grown and evolved over the years.

Devanshi has a natural flair for design. In fact, she began receiving custom orders while she was still studying jewellery design! She has been a boutique jewellery designer for several years and has built an extensive network of clients mainly through word of mouth.

Russel has always been fond of gadgets and technology. When he saw how e-commerce websites were empowering Indian customers by giving them more choices at highly competitive prices, he felt inspired to create an online website for real diamond jewellery at every price point. When asked how his wife reacted when he told her his idea, Russel jokes that it was the first time she agreed with me in all the years they have been married!

The couple feels there is a common misconception that only rich people can afford real diamonds, but that is simply not true. In fact, Diseno features hundreds of products at lower prices points so that every woman can own something special that she will cherish for years to come. The aim of the Diseno shopping experience is for everyone to be able to enjoy the instant feeling of elegance that you get when you wear real diamond jewellery.


Rock-Solid Values

Russel and Devanshi evaluate their online business by the same principals they use to evaluate a diamond - clarity and transparency are of utmost importance. They have built their business around a commitment to customer satisfaction. They understand that diamond jewellery is a very special and important purchase, which is why they strive to ensure that their valued customers feel comfortable and reassured about what they are buying.

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