4 Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

As you begin to plan your proposal, one of the most overwhelming parts of the process is buying a ring. You want your partner to love it just as much as they love you. But, fear not! We’re going to take a look at some tips to follow in order to buy the best engagement ring for your budget.

1. Remember the four C’s, but don’t stress over it:

According to Diamond Exchange, diamond specialists grade their diamonds using these four characteristics:

Cut – A well-cut diamond can look much sparklier than a lazily-cut diamond.

Clarity – Clarity refers to how many blemishes and inclusions are in the diamond.

Carat – Carat means the weight of the diamond.

Color – The less color it has, the most expensive it is, and the more it sparkles.

But, the most important thing about the ring how it catches your eye. Keep the four C’s in your mind as you look for rings, but don’t get too caught up in a diamond’s grade.

2. Pick for your partner’s lifestyle:

Does your partner work with their hands? Are they physically active? You want to pick a ring that’s practical for their day to day life, not just the day that you propose. Also, be sure to keep their personal style in mind as well. Remember, they’re the one that’s going to be wearing this ring at all times. Ask these questions to yourself in order to learn more about the ring that they may want:

  • Do they gravitate towards a certain style of jewelry?
  • Have they pointed out another coworker/celebrity/family member’s engagement ring?
  • Have they talked about engagement rings with other people?

Each of these questions can help you learn more about your partner and get closer to your perfect engagement ring.

3. When looking online, be cautious:

You probably buy so many things online at this point, why not buy an engagement ring? But, often, when you buy an engagement ring how it looks in person is what sells you. Be sure to research the validity of websites beforehand and make sure that they’re reputable, and you might want to look into speaking with a diamond expert as well to get a second opinion about a ring that you find on a website.


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